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Posted on: September 10, 2010 12:17 am

Full Frontal Coverage of My FFB Draft!

Oh dear me.

Well, it's that time again. You'd have to be deaf, blind, and dumb to miss all the fantasy sports hubbub splattered across this and every sporting site in America. I always participate in a fantasy basketball with some co-workers, but beyond that, I turn down all offers to partake in fantasy NASCAR, hockey, Formula 1, baseball, and of course football. I just don't have the time to constantly obsess over all the details. I work and I work a little more and that is what constitutes my life. So, I really don't have a life. However, I still make time for football and I certainly am knowledgeable about the sport.

That aside, my brother in law finally convinced me to get into fantasy football. As usual, bribes of beer and free food entice me to do things I normally wouldn't do. 

So, I'm writing this blog to contribute to the many farts in the wind out there. I need to get it out, but the likelihood of anyone seeing this is minute (and that's probably a good thing). So here is my first of my week by week synopsis of my first fantasy football experience. I'll be sharing my moves, my ideas and strategies and anything else I feel like writing. If you have some constructive criticism that you feel may help me in the long run, please speak up.

I hope this journey through fantasy land is interesting and informative, but most likely it will provide some cheap laughs and will make me look like and arse. Enjoy!

My Draft

I had the blessing/curse of having the first overall pick. The first pick was easy, but my others became harder and harder as the rounds progressed. Here is how it all went down and the 'logic' behind my picks.

Round 1 - Adrian Peterson (RB - Vikings) - I don't need to justify myself to you!

Round 2 - Calvin Johnson (WR - Lions) - I am always cautious optimistic when discussing the Lions, coz in all likelihood they're going to let me down. Calvin, however, is the lone standout on a team of players who make Florida International look good. I had planned to use this pick to take the best RB or WR on the board, and between you and me, I much prefer Calvin over DeAngelo Williams any day.

Round 3 - Matt Schaub (QB - Texans) - I'll admit it, there is an element of risk here. But as you can see from my previous two picks, I needed a strong QB or my team would never last. I chose Schaub coz I figured that if Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels are going to blow up as predicted this year, someone is going to have to pass them the ball. That someone would be the finest player to come out of UVA (outside of Chris Long) in many many years. I am excited about Matt, but I am still a little miffed that I couldn't nab a stronger QB to be my #1.

Round 4 - Vernon Davis (TE - Niners) - I needed one TE for my league, so why not get the best? Vernon is not a typical TE. He can run like the wind and he gets as much or more passes thrown his way than the team's top WRs. I grabbed Vernon so nobody else could. Reminiscent of the playground? You bet. I'm keeping this marble, paws off!

Round 5 - Steve Smith (WR - Giants) - This was my the first pick where I really struggled. I love Steve Smith, and I am glad that I picked him, but I really wrestled with taking a top RB that was still left on the board. This was my last selection of the most important rounds. Every player picked after the 5th round is usually a backup or plays on a garbage team. I asked myself, if someone else had Steve, would I be mad or content with the other player I was considering (Knowshon Moreno)? Obviously, I passed on Moreno. I am pleased with this pick.

Round 6 - Knowshown Moreno (RB - Broncos) - Well, well, well. I guess patience really does pay off. I'll admit, I got very lucky that Knowshon was still on the board. He may be young and inexperienced, but I think he'll go a long way. He was too hard to pass up.

Round 7 - Joe Flacco (QB - Ravens) - I needed on more QB, and QBs were going fast. I had planned to pick up Joe in the 5th, but I saw he was way down the list so long story short, persistence pays off. In this case anyways.

Round 8 - Garrett Hartley (K - Saints) - I'll admit, I was hoping to land CJ Spiller here. I had done at least five different mock drafts, and the earliest I saw him go was the eighth round. I figured I'd be safe waiting. Spiller was at least ten down the rankings of the best RBs still on the board. However, someone must've had the same idea as me, and nabbed him ONE PICK before I could. Blah. C'est la vie, I guess. Anyways, I wanted Hartley, so I didn't hesistate on this one.

Round 9 - Matt Forte (RB - Bears) - Up until this round, I was content with my picks. After selecting Forte, I said to myself, I had a reminiscent regret that can only be compared to waking up face down on the floor next to an empty bottle of tequila (with no worm inside) in a puddle of my own sick. Ugh, what was I thinking? I mean, yeah he'll put up some numbers, but he was like TEN down the list of players I woz going to pick. This was a panic pick for sure. One slip up, and Forte is hitting the waiver wire.

Round 10 - Philadelphia Eagles (D) - My plan for selecting a defense was that I was going to avoid a team of a player I had already selected, so that ruled out the Vikings, Saints, Ravens, Giants, Bears and Niners. I really like Brandon Minor, and if he is going to play I figured that the Iggles will get a whack of sacks. Again, I am content with this pick.

Round 11 - Cadillac Williams (RB - Buccaneers) - I don't regret this pick, but I both rue and lament it. I know this pick will bite me in the but later. However, I am a firm believer that in every fantasy game, one must make a selection that is 'high risk, high reward'. With Cadillac's injury problems, he is a HUGE risk, but I know he can run and run like no other. He'll get me some numbers, but the first sign of trouble, I'm dumping his rear for Mike Williams or something.

Round 12 -Johnny Knox (WR - Bears) - I had planned to get Johnny, which is another reason why I regret my Forte pick. Johnny is a goldmine. He will likely be a #1 or 2 receiver in Chicago soon, and he is an awesome returner. Here's hoping he pans out. I am also watching his former college teammate Bernard Scott, who I also think will make a splash. Yes, ACU fans, I am quite knowledgeable of the LSC and DII football.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the read, regardless of whether you learned anything or just had a good chuckle.

I look forward to your comments (I hope).

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