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The NHL Free Agent Signings Thus Far...

As of July 3rd, this my analysis of what I see as the best and worst free agent signings.

I'd chastise the signings of Brad Richards and Andy Greene, but everyone was expecting massive contracts, so it'd be redundant.

Top Ten Signings

1. Varlamov & Giguere (Avalanche) - This cost the Avs a lot, but they have a strong starting keeper, and a solid veteran backup in Giggy who can mentor the young Russian. If they start scoring goals, they could challenge for a playoff spot as soon as next season.

2. Tomas Vokoun (Capitals) - Hard worker and gets much more shutouts than people realize, he's a starter with a fair bit of juice left in him. Add all that and nabbing him for less than $2 million, and the Caps walk away with one of the best steals of the year. 

3. Ian White (Red Wings) - A lot of people think White needs work, and he does. Ever since I first saw him, I thought 'man, he'd do so well in the Red Wings system'. Now that he's in the Wings system, he'll improve dramatically. His contract will pay off soon. Great signing, perfect fit.

4.  Michael Ryder (Stars) - The Stars have long needed grit and energy in the lineup, without attitude. Since Rob DiMaio left, they've been hard pressed to find it. Although it comes at a fairly large cost, they've secured it for a couple years. Time will tell how much it helps.

5. Sami Salo (Canucks) - Minus his unfortunate testicular injury, Sami is a strong ox . He doesn't have a lot of playing left in him but he has at least one or two seasons. Keeping him for $2 million is a steal for what they'll get back. Salo easily could have demanded a contract four times that size, but he didn't and the Nucks keep a key piece of their team.

6. Steve Sullivan (Penguins) - Sully has always been a Denis Savard-esque player. Really scrappy, fast and moves around the rink like a waterbug. When Crosby and Malkin are back in full swing, he'll add a jolt of energy and speed to the offense that could take it to a new level.

7. Matt D'Agostini (Blues) - After the Blues shipped out Erik Johnson and Jay McClement and other future stars in what can only be described as a self-destructive period, the Blues show they want to hold on to some talent in D'Agostini. I am still surprised they did this, pleasantly surprised for Blues fans.

8. Ed Jovanovski (Panthers) - Massive contract, but it will put bums in seats, something the Panthers can't seem to do. He's the last star of the Panthers' Stanley Cup finalist team, and with the clever marketing of the return of Jovocop, they could revive interest in the team in Miami.

9. Joel Ward (Capitals) - If his contract wasn't so large, this would be near the top of the list. The Capitals have a strong long-term future on the blueline. Ward will need a couple more seasons to fully blossom, but he'll be an elite defender soon enough.

10. Josh Harding, Jed Ortmeyer (Wild) - Nothing spectacular, but they inked two solid players at key positions for cheap. That's always a good thing.

Ten WORST Signings

1. Jaromir Jagr (Flyers) - I don't understand this. You dump your best players and your future security for cap space, and then sign Jagr for $3.3 million? Sure, he'll get 20ish goals, but he only plays for himself. I figured the Pens or Capitals would sign him for the nostalgic novelty for a few quid and a haircut. I'm still baffled.

2. Roman Hamrlik (Capitals) - $7 million for this over-rated geezer? He's never lived up to the hype and promise, and he's been a cheapshot douchebag the whole time. A big aging body makes for a big pylon and a lot of stupid penalties when guys blow right by him.

3. Jose Theodore (Panthers) - They led Vokoun slide, and he stood on his head for the Panthers. Theodore is a guy who has no gas left in the tank and hasn't put forward a 100% effort since leaving Montreal. Even if they signed him for $1, he'd still be on this list as the likelihood that he'll be their starting keeper almost guarantees their dwelling in the basement will continue.

4. Ville Leino (Sabres) - Pretty good player, massively unnecessary contract. Even if he continues to perform at the level expected, this large chunk of cash will haunt the Sabres when it comes to future signings.

5. Tim Connolly (Maple Leafs) - As a Sabres sympathizer, I love Tim. Let me rephrase, I LOOOOOVE Tim in a way that it's embarassing. But ask any Sabres fan and they can tell you, as much as they love him, they know how injury prone he is. His health been something that he's never been able to conquer. So why do I put this signing so high on the list? Honestly, over the next two years, the Leafs will not get $9.5 million worth out of him, and will be lucky if they get 130 games out of him over that time. If you have money to burn, why not put it into something where you can get a modest return?

6. Erik Cole (Canadiens) - The Habs aren't overly smart. Cole is a strong forward, and he brings a lot to the table. However, as history has shown, the Habs seldom get good production out of major millions contract players (See - Scott Gomez etc.) I can't really see him working in the Canadiens system, but I could be proven wrong.

7. Sheldon Souray (Stars) - Some people have applauded the Stars for this signing, but I say the Stars struck out. Strike 1) He's a shadow of what he's been and can't seem to find his way back to NHL quality game. Strike 2) The Stars have previously attempted the big shot-slow skating D-men before, and it has failed miserably (See - Chris Therien, John Erskine, Jeff Macmillan need I go on?) Strike 3) Even though a short-term, moderately sized contract keeps them off the hook in case Souray flops, the Stars have SO MANY needs elsewhere, that $1.6 million seems like $16 million that didn't go towards signing future stock.

8. Ponikarovsky, Tlusty, Brent (Hurricanes) - For some reason, players who leave the Leafs are never the same as when they first came in. I like to refer to former Leafs players as 'damaged goods'. The Canes signed three units of damaged goods, and although they are short-term contracts, there's still a lot of them, and I predict that will drag the team down.

9. Ben Walter (Flames) - This is Ryan Walter's son. He is barely 20% of the player his dad was, and unless you're a Habs or Caps fan, you won't even remember Ryan. What does that mean for the Flames? Ben will be a second liner in Abbotsford, at best and will be lucky to see 10 games with the big club. There is an alternate reason for putting Walter on this list, namely because this will be the only time I'll jump on a team for NOT signing players. The Flames needed depth, and got a lot. More importantly, they need scoring and defending. They need to give Iggy something to work with and relief off Kipper's shoulders. With such desperate need, they failed to get anyone of substance. 

10. Randy Jones (Jets) - Normally a 1 year contract for a million isn't worth mentioning unless it's a steal. However, this is one million too much for Randy. In some instances, short term signings of depth players are made just to put a body on the ice, but Jones is not a productive body in the least. He's more of a pylon than Alexander Godynyuk and twice as slow. 

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2011 NBA Draft Wrap

A practical, in depth analysis from a critical eye.

Many are very critical of this year's draft, but I am excited. Twin brothers going back to back, a romantic embrace, tears, and trades, what's not to like? There was a lot of talent that moved around, and here's my take on what happened last night. 

A + Portland Trailblazers - The Trailblazers have secured their future with no Spaniards anywhere, and Raymond Felton, who will hopefully settle in and not be traded for a whole season. Furthermore, in case Brandon Roy retires or continues to struggle with injuries, they picked up two outstanding SG in Jon Diebler and Nolan Smith. They got rid of Rudy Fernandez, who was once loved in Portland, but burned some bridges and dwindled on the floor in recent years. They also shipped out Andre Miller, who has been arguably the most inconsistent player in NBA history (IE - 52 points one night, and 8 the next) It was almost a perfect day, what more could they have done? The only reason I wouldn't give them an "A++" is that they passed on Marshon Brooks.

A  Boston Celtics - They had two picks and made the most of it. They landed a great trade with the Nets, and got JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore. Purdue fans might be donning Celtics jerseys this year, if there is a year. Johnson is one of the most exciting players in this draft, obviously noted his accomplishments which include Big Ten Player of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year. Moore is obviously no slouch either, he is very talented, and I am surprised he fell as low as he did. Celtics fans, rejoice! The "Big Three" may be fading away, but your future at the top is assured for another decade.

  San Antonio Spurs - Although Tony Parker is wrong in saying the Spurs are no longer contenders, they won't be in 3-5 years as Duncan, Manu and Parker age and retire. Thus, they need to be more aggressive in pursuing future stars. I think they took Cory Joseph a little early, but when you know what you want, you have to go for it! I really liked George Hill as a Spur but I think he'll do better in his hometown and Kawhi Leonard is PERFECT for the Spurs. He'll be a superstar soon enough. Great trade!

A -
  Milwaukee Bucks - The biggest movers and shakers of the day, like the Bobcats they took the high-risk approach, but unlike the Bobcats, I think their scenario will pan out more positively.

A -
 Minnesota Timberwolves - Since the drafting of Williams involved more luck than skill, I can't honestly give the Wolves an "A+" grade, although Williams is an A+ player. I look forward to his many future All-Star appearances.

A - New Jersey Nets - Having Jordan Williams still around at # 36 might be something to write about, but I'm excited for the Nets about Marshon Brooks. Brooks is very underrated and college hero, at least in Rhode Island. Most people failed to notice him, aside from his 52 point game, but he really has the chance to be something special. Time will tell where he fits and how he meshes with the Nets, but I would not be surprised if one day he and Deron Williams make the best one-two punch guards in the NBA. 

A - Sacramento Kings - Grabbing Jimmer will draw in a lot of fans, even if he doesn't keep up his astounding play. Getting rid of Salmons in the first place was stupid, I am glad they corrected their mistake. Not to forget Isaiah Thomas, who is very talented. This team now has a super-solid backcourt for a long time. I like Tyler Honeycutt, and their deal shipped out the under-perfoming Udrih, so it's hard to see any flaws in their draft day.

B + Denver Nuggets - By giving up very little, the Nuggets landed Andre Miller who although inconsistent, has helped teams trying to find their feet stay stable. Kenneth Faried is still largely untested, but there is a lot of buzz about him, and it all appears to be true.  The Nuggets addressed some key holes in their team without sacrificing too much. Now if they could only get Chauncey back...

B + Los Angeles Lakers - Strong outing with no superb picks but they assembled a solid lot with little risk outside of Ader Majok. I think when they picked Majok, all of L.A. County simultaneously let out "Who?" I think Darius Morris will fit in well with the Lakers.

B + Philadelphia 76ers - Taking a risk on a Philly area boy and Temple standout gets them a bump up to a "+". It's a large risk, but it's the right type of risk which could put more Philadelphian bums in seats at Sixers games. Nikola Vucevic is one of my favourite players in the whole draft, and I expect him to do very well wherever he plays.

B + Utah Jazz - Snagging Alec Burks later than expected is the only thing stopping the Jazz from getting a much lower grade. I don't want to bash Kanter, he's good, but I have my doubts. I do want to smack the Jazz management upside the head. They had the opportunity of a lifetime to draft Jimmer, and passed. Fools. There hasn't been this much hype about a BYU kid since Ty Detmer and Steve Young went pro. Alec Burks is their future, he's the "B+".

B  Charlotte Bobcats - With all the picks they had, they took the high risk-high reward route. Biyombo could pay off tremendously, and getting rid of Steven Jackson will likely help team morale and boost all around scoring. Not to mention, the pairing of Tyrus Thomas and Biyombo will make for a very versatile frontcourt. But as easily as he could be an All-Star, he could all turn out to be Kwame Brown, and in case you're wondering, yes, Rich Cho was dumb enough to give Kwame a third chance. So, I'll predict this draftee turns out to be the latter, but hope for Bobcats fans to be the former. As for the big trade, Corey Maggette is a fading star, he's still got gas left in the tank, so we'll see how he does in the Cats front court. Side note - I love Kemba Walker and think he's pro-ready. He'll win ROY barring injuries in my book. 

B Chicago Bulls - As an ESPN writer already pointed out, Jimmy Butler is the Michael Oher of basketball. Great story, and you can't help but root for the kid. I know he'll do great things. As for the Bulls, they should have help onto Norris Cole, I like the guy, but oh well.

B Cleveland Cavaliers - Obviously Kyrie Irving is the talk of the draft, but having the picks they did, they could have done better. I get the feeling they snapped up Thompson only to take him away from the Raptors, and while there is nothing wrong with Thompson, I never picture him as a top 5 pick, more like a top 15 pick. I guess when your team is hurting all over, any good player will do. Spite picks don't earn you a lot of respect, and neither does pissing away your late picks on boring European players. Sure, Macvan may have good size and grab boards, but too many people jump to the conclusion that if a guy is a big Serbian and can grab boards, he's the next Vlade Divac. I can tell you now, he's not. With the talent and promise of Irving and Thompson, Cleveland's draft might deserve an "A", but the Cavs are not an "A" team, they're a "B" team.

B Oklahoma City Thunder - This team is not tragically flawed, it just needs tinkering. Reggie Jackson (no not the baseball legend) could prove to be a useful piece of the fabric of the Thunder. He's a decent defender and he can drain it from beyond the arch, both of which were much needed in the playoffs this year. He's a little slow to keep up with Durant, but time will tell how he transitions to the NBA game. Good pick, not great.

B - Atlanta Hawks - Looking for a safe backup to Al Horford, the Hawks played it safe by selecting Keith Benson. They could have taken a chance on Fresno State's Greg Smith, but they wanted someone more reliable, consistent and pressure-proven. That they got, along with an average grade for a decent, but far from interesting pick.

B - Golden State Warriors - I'll start off by saying Charles Jenkins was a great pick. I wish him well. Jeremy Tyler has so many question marks surrounding him, it's not even worth getting into. The reason for the grade is the confusion surrounding the question 'Why Klay Thompson?' It's an honest question, one which has no logical answer. He was predicted in many mocks to go a few picks later, the Warriors are not in need of guards, and some more impressive players were still on the board. Mystery to me, maybe we'll figure it out in a year when he gets traded for a D-Leaguer and a 2nd round pick.

B - Houston Rockets - They passed on Longhorn Jordan Hamilton and took another SF instead. Strike one. They didn't pick up a much needed center in the draft or by trade. Strike two. They threw away their final pick by selecting a guy who I can already tell will be in Europe of a local league within 3 years. Strike three. Are they out? Yes, but I am giving them a mercy "B-" for having Marcus Morris falling into their laps.

B - Indiana Pacers - The Pacers are deserving of a "B" grade for bringing George Hill home, but they got bumped down because they did not pick Shelvin Mack. Good trade, but they needed to be more active.

B - Los Angeles Clippers - This is one of the Clippers best drafts, ever. That isn't saying much seeing as how they achieved this by sticking to low-risk options. I like the decision to keep UGA boys Travis Leslie and Trey Tompkins together, it may help with team morale, assuming DeAndre doesn't jump ship.

B - Orlando Magic - Scoring Justin Harper was nice, but not really noteworthy. The Magic were taking a back seat to the action today, and while sitting in the back, they took a player who is used to sitting back there, as he did behind his star teammates at Kentucky. There's nothing to hate about DeAndre Liggins, but not a lot to love. He's a decent all around player, but he's about as exciting as a baked potato. Hmmm, maybe he'd do well in San Antonio...

C + Detroit Pistons - I thought it would have been funny to pick Isaiah Thomas, but I guess Joe Dumars doesn't share my sense of humour.  My lame comedy aside, I like Brandon Knight but I am puzzled why Detroit. Is he there to light a fire under Stuckey's behindus? Are they not going to resign Stuckey? All I'm saying is that while it's rarely a bad thing to spend a top ten pick on the best player on the board, it doesn't really address any of their needs.  I'm not convinced that Singler's play will translate to the NBA game, and the Pistons system, but it is a good pick as it looks like Tayshaun is out the door.  The reason for the mediocre grade lies in the Macklin pick. This guy is already an underachiever, and the second he was selected I smacked my palm against my forehead. DUH! Just keep Jason Maxiell, at least he does something other than ride his high school achievements to a contract. Macklin has a lot of jeering to look forward to, and I can tell you from experience, the fans in the Palace don't let up. (PS - I hope they re-sign Jason Maxiell).

C + New York Knicks - They landed a decent depth center in Josh Harrellson for essentially nothing, and that's always a good thing. I was disappointed in their selection of Shumpert at #17. Not that I don't like Shumpet, because I do, a lot. It's that a lot of people expected him to go early-mid 2nd round, so it seems they jumped the gun. Considering who was still left on the board, and how they picked a player who is likely to be a depth/development player for the next year or two anyways, they could have gone for someone with greater upside.

C + Phoenix Suns - Face it, the Suns need a lot of help. Their inactivity today, paired with their selection of a player who may not fit into their offensive style leaves me concerned for Suns fans. I sense a future filled with anguish and frustration. Not an awful pick, but like many others today, they could have done better.

C + Washington Wizards - The Wiz failed to address their most pressing need, strength and scoring up front. JaVale McGee can't go it alone, and he has had trouble scoring consistently, he needs help up front. Jianlian is a UFA and likely gone, and Blatche, let's face it is more trouble than he's worth. Aside that major oversight, I really do not like Jan Vesely. Granted, I have never seen him play a full game, only read, heard and watched him online, but I have the feeling he's a middle-of-the-road scoring forward with a one-dimensional game. There is no shortage of those guys in the NBA, so having the 6th pick, they could have done much better. I hoped I am proven wrong about him, and I guess in time we'll see how he does. Outside of those two flaws, I really like the potential of Chris Singleton and Shelvin Mack, so they made excellent use of their other picks. I'm not sure how they'll fit into the gameplan, but that's for Coach Saunders to figure out.

C Miami Heat - Beyond the superstar trio, the Heat are struggling to stay afloat. They have some good talent on the roster, but with so many key players as free agents this year, they really should have attempted to make some moves and get a higher pick, or more picks. On top of that, I am not sure about  Bogdanovic, mostly because I know so little about him. Getting Norris Cole is good, but they should keep Chalmers, leaving the 1 positions stacked, and others left wide open.

C - Dallas Mavericks - The champs certainly didn't look like champions today. They traded away a solid SF who could grow and draw in more Longhorns fans (Jordan Hamilton) to get a depth SG who has dwindled to a shadow of his former self (Rudy Fernandez). I do like Petteri Koponen's upside, but not as much as I like Jordan Hamilton's. Granted, they don't need instant All-Stars, but they need depth to replace some of their aging and injury-prone starters. I feel they failed to accomplish what they really needed to.

D + Memphis Grizzlies - The Grizz had one pick and took a risk on the underperforming Josh Selby. With the youth-dominated roster, the Grizzlies need solid players who can help keep the team's progression moving in a positive, upward manner. A high-profile (potential) under-achiever could really drag down a team that has finally got on the right track.

F New Orleans Hornets - This team has been falling apart slowly over the last two seasons. Despite this team needing help all over, they traded away their only draft pick for "cash considerations" (IE - A little spending money and a washing machine). That can't be a good sign. I fear a lockout may do the Hornets in for good.

F Toronto Raptors - Yes, Colangelo got shafted by Cleveland when they picked Thompson, but he did the worst thing possible. He went with his first instinct and drafted more Euro-trash. Not only can this guy not play next year, he is not noted for much of anything that the Raptors are in need of. I'm sure his lack of English will be amongst the least of the problems that comes with this pick. My prediction is that by 2015, Valanciunas will be back in Europe.

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The Grand Finale

With only a few weeks away before the end of the fantasy season, I have made my final move and my roster is set for the season.I'll keep it short and as free from satire and witty humor, so it'll be a dry analysis of my fruitless season.

So, as of right now, I'm in fifth place in my league, and the top six make the playoffs. As of now, as long as I win one of the two remaining weeks before the fantasy playoffs, I will be in. 

So, without further ado, here is my roster after MANY drops and trades:

Kyle Orton (DEN)
Matt Ryan (ATL)


Adrian Peterson (MIN)
Brandon Jackson (GB)
Darren McFadden (OAK)
Matt Forte (CHI) <-- He's been a major pain. Apparently, they don't teach the concept of consistency at Tulane.


Malcolm Floyd (SD)
Calvin Johnson (DET)
Mike Williams (TB)
Mike Williams (SEA) Yes, I have both Mike Williams.


Garrett Hartley (NO)


Chicago Bears

So, what is my team is likely to finish in the top three after the playoffs, but likely not any better than that. I will post my final standing once the season is over, but as my last real post of my first ever fantasy football season, I hope this has been somewhat entertaining, or at least educational in that you should learn from my mistakes.

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Oy Vey! ... and Other Frustrations

Well, this is my second update on my first year of fantasy football. 

I'll keep it short to avoid cussing and smashing my macbook on the desk. Obviously, I am losing in my head to head matchups. Check out my previous entry for my original roster. 

Here is what has been pissing me off about my roster:

1) Underperformers - When I say underperformance, I don't mean missing their average. I mean that a drunken senior citizen would likely put up bigger numbers than these silly boys did when I was counting on them. Examples of such craptacular outings are Adrian Peterson in week one, Vernon Davis and Matt Forte in week three, Steve Smith in weeks one AND two, and Calvin Johnson in weeks one, two AND three. 

2) My quarterbacks - Matt Schaub posted a monster stat sheet week two, but has otherwise been average. I picked up Sam Bradford, but dumped him as soon as I realized he is a scorpio. Incompatibility. 

3) Having to dump solid players who are playing like Ryan Leaf - Joe Flacco and his circus of interceptions, Cadillac Williams and his tissue-paper body, the whole Garrett Hartley situation. I could go on, but I won't because I still have some sanity left.

So, as you can tell, I shipped off a good chunk of my roster. Here's who left and who came...

Welcome to Dumpsville, Population ... You.
  • Joe Flacco
  • Cadillac Williams
  • Philadelphia Defense
  • Brandon Tate
  • Johnny Knox
  • Sam Bradford
I did score some Grade A talent, however. Here's what I found in the dumpster...

My Lucky Pickups
  • Mark Sanchez
  • Darren McFadden
  • Seattle Defense
  • Jahvid Best
  • Mike Nugent
Despite the rough first three weeks, things are looking up. Here's my roster as of today. I'm not keen on having two Lions on my roster, but if I start winning I won't care.

QBs - Matt Schaub (HOU), Mark Sanchez (NYJ)

WR - Calvin Johnson (DET), Steve Smith (NYG)

RB - Darren McFadden (OAK), Jahvid Best (DET), Knowshon Moreno (DEN), Adrian Peterson (MIN), Matt Forte (CHI)

TE - Vernon Davis (SF)

K - Mike Nugent (CIN)

Defense - Seattle Seahawks (Really?)

And by the way, I picked up Brandon Tate because of his consistently large return yardage. No other reason. No I'm not desperate or crazy. 

Thanks for reading. I needed to get that off my chest lol.
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Full Frontal Coverage of My FFB Draft!

Oh dear me.

Well, it's that time again. You'd have to be deaf, blind, and dumb to miss all the fantasy sports hubbub splattered across this and every sporting site in America. I always participate in a fantasy basketball with some co-workers, but beyond that, I turn down all offers to partake in fantasy NASCAR, hockey, Formula 1, baseball, and of course football. I just don't have the time to constantly obsess over all the details. I work and I work a little more and that is what constitutes my life. So, I really don't have a life. However, I still make time for football and I certainly am knowledgeable about the sport.

That aside, my brother in law finally convinced me to get into fantasy football. As usual, bribes of beer and free food entice me to do things I normally wouldn't do. 

So, I'm writing this blog to contribute to the many farts in the wind out there. I need to get it out, but the likelihood of anyone seeing this is minute (and that's probably a good thing). So here is my first of my week by week synopsis of my first fantasy football experience. I'll be sharing my moves, my ideas and strategies and anything else I feel like writing. If you have some constructive criticism that you feel may help me in the long run, please speak up.

I hope this journey through fantasy land is interesting and informative, but most likely it will provide some cheap laughs and will make me look like and arse. Enjoy!

My Draft

I had the blessing/curse of having the first overall pick. The first pick was easy, but my others became harder and harder as the rounds progressed. Here is how it all went down and the 'logic' behind my picks.

Round 1 - Adrian Peterson (RB - Vikings) - I don't need to justify myself to you!

Round 2 - Calvin Johnson (WR - Lions) - I am always cautious optimistic when discussing the Lions, coz in all likelihood they're going to let me down. Calvin, however, is the lone standout on a team of players who make Florida International look good. I had planned to use this pick to take the best RB or WR on the board, and between you and me, I much prefer Calvin over DeAngelo Williams any day.

Round 3 - Matt Schaub (QB - Texans) - I'll admit it, there is an element of risk here. But as you can see from my previous two picks, I needed a strong QB or my team would never last. I chose Schaub coz I figured that if Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels are going to blow up as predicted this year, someone is going to have to pass them the ball. That someone would be the finest player to come out of UVA (outside of Chris Long) in many many years. I am excited about Matt, but I am still a little miffed that I couldn't nab a stronger QB to be my #1.

Round 4 - Vernon Davis (TE - Niners) - I needed one TE for my league, so why not get the best? Vernon is not a typical TE. He can run like the wind and he gets as much or more passes thrown his way than the team's top WRs. I grabbed Vernon so nobody else could. Reminiscent of the playground? You bet. I'm keeping this marble, paws off!

Round 5 - Steve Smith (WR - Giants) - This was my the first pick where I really struggled. I love Steve Smith, and I am glad that I picked him, but I really wrestled with taking a top RB that was still left on the board. This was my last selection of the most important rounds. Every player picked after the 5th round is usually a backup or plays on a garbage team. I asked myself, if someone else had Steve, would I be mad or content with the other player I was considering (Knowshon Moreno)? Obviously, I passed on Moreno. I am pleased with this pick.

Round 6 - Knowshown Moreno (RB - Broncos) - Well, well, well. I guess patience really does pay off. I'll admit, I got very lucky that Knowshon was still on the board. He may be young and inexperienced, but I think he'll go a long way. He was too hard to pass up.

Round 7 - Joe Flacco (QB - Ravens) - I needed on more QB, and QBs were going fast. I had planned to pick up Joe in the 5th, but I saw he was way down the list so long story short, persistence pays off. In this case anyways.

Round 8 - Garrett Hartley (K - Saints) - I'll admit, I was hoping to land CJ Spiller here. I had done at least five different mock drafts, and the earliest I saw him go was the eighth round. I figured I'd be safe waiting. Spiller was at least ten down the rankings of the best RBs still on the board. However, someone must've had the same idea as me, and nabbed him ONE PICK before I could. Blah. C'est la vie, I guess. Anyways, I wanted Hartley, so I didn't hesistate on this one.

Round 9 - Matt Forte (RB - Bears) - Up until this round, I was content with my picks. After selecting Forte, I said to myself, I had a reminiscent regret that can only be compared to waking up face down on the floor next to an empty bottle of tequila (with no worm inside) in a puddle of my own sick. Ugh, what was I thinking? I mean, yeah he'll put up some numbers, but he was like TEN down the list of players I woz going to pick. This was a panic pick for sure. One slip up, and Forte is hitting the waiver wire.

Round 10 - Philadelphia Eagles (D) - My plan for selecting a defense was that I was going to avoid a team of a player I had already selected, so that ruled out the Vikings, Saints, Ravens, Giants, Bears and Niners. I really like Brandon Minor, and if he is going to play I figured that the Iggles will get a whack of sacks. Again, I am content with this pick.

Round 11 - Cadillac Williams (RB - Buccaneers) - I don't regret this pick, but I both rue and lament it. I know this pick will bite me in the but later. However, I am a firm believer that in every fantasy game, one must make a selection that is 'high risk, high reward'. With Cadillac's injury problems, he is a HUGE risk, but I know he can run and run like no other. He'll get me some numbers, but the first sign of trouble, I'm dumping his rear for Mike Williams or something.

Round 12 -Johnny Knox (WR - Bears) - I had planned to get Johnny, which is another reason why I regret my Forte pick. Johnny is a goldmine. He will likely be a #1 or 2 receiver in Chicago soon, and he is an awesome returner. Here's hoping he pans out. I am also watching his former college teammate Bernard Scott, who I also think will make a splash. Yes, ACU fans, I am quite knowledgeable of the LSC and DII football.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the read, regardless of whether you learned anything or just had a good chuckle.

I look forward to your comments (I hope).

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